Trailer Super-Skirts



The new trailer "Super-Skirt System tm" is the most innovative and practical trailer skirt on the market today.

The Super-Skirt's main benefits are its modular interlocking design with integrated stanchion support structures that grabs every trailer I-beam.

Its rigid dimensional shape disrupts laminar flow and maintains directional control of the air, thus reducing surface drag and preventing wind from slipping under the skirt. The step design also allows for strategic placement of aft facing safety reflectors, which create additional visibility and safety for passing vehicles while keeping the reflectors out of the slipstream.

This industry-leading interlocking design has a concealed rib for extra rigidity and uses two concealed galvanized J-bolts per panel.

For a fraction of the price of other types of full skirts, each individual panel can easily be replaced, making it the simplest, quickest, easiest to install and maintain skirting system available.

From short trailers, pup trailers, straight trucks and tri-axle trailers, length possibilities and applications are limitless when you take advantage of the modular two foot panels.

Custom colours available at an extra cost on 20+ unit orders.

* For illustrative purposes, fuel saving examples use an average of 120,000 annual miles, $4 per gallon for diesel and a baseline of 7.5 mpg per truck.